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Encouragement and Testimony from some of our Leavers


Deborah Volunteer

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I wanted to share with you some short testimonies from ex-volunteers that were shared around the campfire a while back. Such wonderful insights and encouragement in here –

“God provided everything that I needed in Ashburnham – travel, friends, new life and relationship with Him.” Giovanna from Brazil

“You all bought something interesting to me. I enjoy your friendship, your honesty and the different things you bring from your country. Thank you for accepting my craziness”  Thib from Belgium

“It’s been the best two months of my life, thanks to everyone that in this place and time I could feel your love and friendship. I can’t imagine life without you. Every person is so important for me” Irina from Russia

“For me, the whole experience is a miracle. I am thankful to God and every one of you that he bought me here. I feel it was so perfect. I pray God’s blessings on your lives and that you find the way God wants you to go” Kanto from Madagascar

“When I came here, I had been through hard times. I felt broken. I didn’t care about friends. I thought leave me alone. It was amazing how God used people to heal me. People are so different here, so different to me but what I learned is that each person has a precious thing. No-one is better than any other, we are all unique” Maya from Brazil

“It’s been a rollercoaster for me. My confidence has really grown, even though it doesn’t seem like it, and I’m really sad I have to leave earlier than expected” Crystal from the UK

“Thank you all for an amazing experience. I don’t speak a lot but it was really good to be with you, work, eat and do activities with you and I’ll miss you all” Bernard from France

“You bought something special to help my growing up here. I’ll never forget you, as each one of you is so special for me. I was scared when I arrived that I might not find a close friend but now I feel every one of you is close to my heart” Mihaja from Madagascar

“I don’t usually speak in front of people but before I came here Ashburnham was the opposite of what I wanted to do. I never wanted to come here as I didn’t want to do Bible study or stay in Europe. But someone told me about here and I felt I should come, so I want to tell you that God sometimes speaks through feelings and people, and you should listen. Sometimes you’re doing or saying small things to people and it can mean so much to them, so I want to encourage you. I’m sure this place has taught us all such a lot.” Naomi from Germany

As you can tell, young people have the most amazing time when they join us as a volunteer on the Catalyst programme. Might you like to apply?

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