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Letter from God, final project from Lucie


Deborah Volunteer

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Lucie from France was a volunteer with us for nine months from September 2018 until June 2019. She was part of the creative Stream and said “I’ve learned so many things that will I be able to write all of them down? I will try my best …

  • Catalyst definitely helped me to grow in my relationship with God, to widen my view and comprehension of who He is, what are His plans for me and how He is seeing me
  • I’ve learnt how we can be more creative in the relationship that we have with Him.
  • Now, I trust much more God in everything than before and I have learned how to listen to Him and hear Him.

For my graduation project, I made a creative book that I called ‘letter from God’. It’s a book where God is speaking through it to you – for me at least because in it there are some of the things that God taught me through my time at Ashburnham Place.”

What are you doing, now you’re back home? I will soon go to university to study languages.

What would you say to anyone who may join the Catalyst volunteer programme in the future? Future Catalyst member – Make the most that you can of very session of catalyst. Be curious and open even though sometimes it’s not something that you are really interested in. And in general, optimize your time in Ashburnham Place to do things that you’ve never done before, to grow, to learn and to leave this place with no regrets and a joyful smile on your face.

Here is a video of Lucie’s letter from God book project. Enjoy!





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