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Direction for life

Teaching 2Nd Mob Min

Catalyst teaching

The taught content of our programme is centred around ten core modules, with each module being studied in depth across a period of four weeks.

Teahing 3Rd Mob Min

Finding your way

Being a follower of Christ involves the whole of your life. From the food that you eat, to the clothes that you wear, the jobs that you choose and the communities you live in, it all matters! On the Catalyst Programme we have put together a teaching series that reflects this holistic approach to faith.

The Catalyst streams

A key part of studying the modules will involve thinking about the subject from the perspective of the stream you have chosen in your application.


There are three streams to choose from:

Creative Ministries

Looking at how we can use our creative gifts in relation to each module

Further Theology

A deeper dive into the theology around each module

Adventure In Creation

How we experience creation from the perspective of each module

In addition to teaching there will be various activities and workshops related to the streams, plus the opportunity to develop your passion and interest further as part of the Catalyst Go placements. 

“The Catalyst modules give you the opportunity to explore the range of Christian belief”

Giovanna from Brasil

Catalyst Module

Ten modules

For each of the ten modules you will be encouraged to think about how the particular subject relates to God, to your neighbour in community, and yourself.

Community &
Pattern of Life

Gen 1:26.

How does God live?
Why live within community?
How can I live in community well?

Calling &

Gen 1:26

What is God’s Image?
What is the calling of the Church?
How do I image God?

Engaging with

John1:1 & 2 Tim 3:16

What does it mean for the bible to be inspired by God?
How does scripture shape the Church?
How does the Church shape scripture?
Why do I need to read the bible?


Rom 8:26

Does God pray?
What difference does praying together make?
How do I pray?

Suffering &

Psalm 88:14

Does God suffer?
What does it mean to suffer with others?
Why do we suffer?

Hospitality & Evangelism

Heb 13:2

How does God host us?
What is distinctive about Christian hospitality?


Phil 2:6-7

Is God powerful?
What does it mean to be a Kingdom of Priests?
How do we live a life of ‘turning the other cheek’?

Your Kingdom

Matt 6:10 & Matt 6:10

Is God supernatural?
Is the Church and the kingdom of God the same?
How can we live naturally supernatural lives

Loving Creation

Matt 6:26 & Psalm 96:11

What is creation to God?
What has creation got to do with community?
How can I love creation well?

How Then
Shall We Live

1 Cor 10:31

In this module you will consolidate all you have learnt:

What is God’s vision for the world?
How does the Church partner with this vision?
How do I serve the vision?

Catalyst speakers

Some of our regular contributors to the Catalyst Programme are as follows

Roger Mitchell (Ph.D.)

After many years as church planter, Roger Mitchell (Ph.D.) is now a post-doctoral researcher, activist and honorary research fellow at Lancaster University. He is also political theologian with the Westminster Theology Centre, co-facilitates the Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission and co-convenes the Ashburnham Kingdom Theology Research Collective. He is a trustee of Ashburnham Place.

Marijke Hoek (Ph.D.)

Marijke Hoek (Ph.D.) is a writer, speaker, pastor and guest lecturer at various theological colleges. She has contributed to and co-edited a number of books including Micah’s Challenge. The Church’s responsibility to the Global Poor (2008) and Carnival Kingdom (2013). She is a regular contributor on BBC Manchester and is a trustee of Ashburnham Christian Trust.

David Benjamin Blower

David Benjamin Blower is a musician, poet, theologian and podcaster. He writes and speaks on political theology, messianism, ecology and contemporary cultural issues.

Rachie Ross

Rachie Ross is passionate about young people, having worked with youth for 30 years. She is an active member of Christian Climate Action, a trustee for Operation Noah and co-host a national Climate Children’s Safeguarding Group

Vanessa Chamberlin

Vanessa Chamberlin is an artist, spiritual director and practical theologian. She is currently writing about art making and the Tehom (the Deep) of Genesis 1, and loves to engage students with the embodied nature of Hebrew language and scripture.

Bradley Jersak (Ph.D.)

Bradley Jersak (Ph.D.) is the Dean of Theology & Culture at St. Stephen’s University (New Brunswick, Canada). He serves as core faculty of religious studies at the Institute for Religion, Peace & Justice ( He is a tonsure Reader and monastery preacher at All Saints of North America Orthodox Monastery. Key areas of research: Patristic Christology and Kenosis.


Your opportunity to celebrate, receive your certificate and present what you have learnt to the to the community.


Catalyst Go trips provide you with the opportunity to put into practise everything you’ve been been learning on the Catalyst Programme in a different setting.


We are a diverse community from many traditions, united in our love for Christ.

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