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Lucy Shares her First Revelation of God


Deborah Volunteer

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Lucy Cogley lives as part of our community, she is the wife of Christian, our Catalyst programme supervisor. When she shared this recent reflection, I was encouraged and wanted to share it with you all too.


“I remember my first revelation of God as my father. I had been reading a book called “screwtape letters” by CS Lewis & whilst reading this book, it was like my eyes were opened. I had looked at other people, who had a relationship with God as a bit odd/prude. But suddenly saw the truth, that God so loved me as His daughter that those boundaries were in fact for my protection.

My reckless behaviour had not only destroyed me but many people around me. In my pursuit of freedom, I had become enslaved. Enslaved to myself, my image, my pride, my career, my relationships. I was not free at all! Religion is controlling (thou shall not) but relationship with God as your father is anything but (I love you, I love you, I love you).

It can feel at times painful when he guides us to let go of things we hold tightly but since becoming a parent myself and knowing at times I have to say “no, let go Josiah” (especially at the moment ?) is, mostly, from a place of deep love for him. To protect him, to help him grow. This may not feel “free” to him, but as his parent, at this age, I know what is best for him.

And I’m not an almighty omnipresent God who can see everything!. So please take this as a reminder/encouragement for those who have read this far! If you already know Him, to trust God, our Father, even when you don’t feel free at all, that He is guiding you to a greater place of freedom and therefore into the person He created you to be.

If you don’t know Him yet, know that there is nothing that you have done or will do that can put Him off of loving you. Even if you feel a lot of hate and confusion towards Him, He is BIG and can hold you and heal the hurt and will love you forever.”


Many thanks, Lucy, we appreciate your encouragers heart.



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