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your opportunity to celebrate, receive your certificate and present what you have learnt to the to the community.

At the end of the programme

You will attend a graduation ceremony where you will have the opportunity to reflect and present on something significant you have learnt throughout your time in our community. As part of this ceremony, you will be given a certificate commemorating your time at Ashburnham Place.

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Michelle Pannell Gideon Performing Graduation Aug 19 2
Leavers 2018

Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony also provides wider community members, an opportunity to celebrate and thank you for your diligence and faithful service throughout. It is important that you do not leave before graduation, as doing so will mean that not only will we miss out on the chance to properly say goodbye to you, but you will also not receive your graduation certificate.

Graduation Mob Img

Graduation was the perfect
ending to my time on the
catalyst programme

Edwianah from Madagascar