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The Catalyst Programme is a fieldwork discipleship course which will be continually running for our community at Ashburnham Place. Volunteers (usually between the ages of 18-27yrs) from all over the world are invited to take part in this training course for a year alongside our long-term community members. There are around 100 community members living on site at any one time throughout the year. Volunteers who come for a year, make up around half of our community members.

18-27 (27 and older may be accepted in certain circumstances)
Free! weekly expenses provided. (excluding mission trips)


The Catalyst Programme will grow young people in the understanding of who they are and the practice of what God is calling them to so that they shine like stars in the universe.

Our hope for every graduate of the Catalyst Programme is that they will be equipped to study the Word of God, be sensitive to the guide of the Holy Spirit and take responsibility for their growing faith..  The programme will be as holistic as possible and follow a head, heart, hand pattern; with every graduate developing in mind, body and spirit.  Each trainee will have the opportunity to grow in at least one focused stream: Adventure in Creation, Living Theology or Creative Ministry. 


Integral to each of the three streams will be a consistent focus on character development, your relationship with God and others.  We recognise these as foundational and preceding any great skill, gifting or performance.

In each stream we have developed partnerships with organisations and individuals that ensure depth and expertise throughout the learning programme.  The thoughtful curriculum will draw on speakers and practitioners who are influencers nationally and globally.

There are certain foundational elements that will be expected of every trainee, they are: prayer, community living, bible study and service of others.

Each graduate will be expected to complete their chosen stream in full but may choose to add modules from the other two streams if they wish to and if there is space.