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During this time, is the Catalyst Volunteer Program running?


Deborah Volunteer

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In a short answer, yes it is.

Things are a little different, as they are everywhere in the world right now, but we still feel confident that Ashburnham Place is a great place to come and serve for up to a year.

The program will run a little differently over the next few months. Instead of having three separate streams, we are combining the teaching sessions to give something of a holistic approach to learning and growing as disciples. So whether you are interested in theology, creative worship or adventuring in God’s great land you will be catered for and there will be variety in the sessions, with different teachers and lots of challenge.

In light of the Corona Pandemic, we’re going to be thinking how, as Christians, we can prophetically imagine what a better, more just world might look like. We’ll be exploring issues of sustainability, economics (how we spend our money) as well as wrestling with how we can be involved in bringing God’s kingdom to earth, at a time of turbulence and disillusionment.

We probably won’t be undertaking Catalyst Go mission trips over the next year, as travelling a great distance for a short stay in this time doesn’t feel responsible, but we are investigating other ways that we can all be involved in mission within our local communities.

The rest of your experience here as a volunteer at Ashburnham Place will remain pretty much the same as it has done for the last couple of years. You’ll serve in one of the teams for up to 32 hours a week, spread over five days and then you’ll have your days off to rest, spend time with friends, travel and enjoy the amazing 220 acres here – walking, praying, running, swimming, boating.

There are prayer meetings, worship, celebration, bible study, social days out, pastoral groups, spiritual mentors and any other new initiative that you’d like to get involved with and set up.

You’ll live in shared accommodation, sharing your bedroom with up to 3 other volunteers of the same sex, and you’ll probably find these people become friends for life and the ones you share your heart with. Ex-volunteers often say this is one of the best things about having lived here, that they end up with friends all over the world and are able to travel and enjoy their hospitality!

We’d love to welcome you here as a volunteer, so please apply today. If you are unsure of anything or have any questions, then do email and Christian will help you.



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