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Nicola is Honouring God through his Film-making


Deborah Volunteer

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I have an amazing Catalyst graduation final project video to share with you this week. Nicola from Italy was with us in 2018 and he is a talented creative, videographer and film maker.

*  Which Catalyst stream were you a part of?
I was part of the Creative Ministry Catalyst stream.

*  What did you learn from your experience on Catalyst?
I’ve learned how to use my creativity and my passion for filmmaking to glorify God and to set His glory as my first goal. I think that in every job we do, we can find a way to bring glory to God and with creativity it is the same, it’s just that we can have a bigger audience.

*  What was your final graduation piece about?
For my graduation I had the blessing to work with my dear friend Caio making a video clip for his song. We worked together to understand first how he wanted to glorify God through his song, so we could do the same with the video.

In this video I tried to speak about the way God can help us during our hardest moments. In Ashburnham He did this through people; through the friendship of my brothers and sisters, so Caio and I wanted to say this. Our frienship is one of the examples of how God can use the people around us to help us.

*  What are you doing now?
I’m finishing my studies in cinema, so I can become a professional director and screenwriter. I’ve got some opportunity to talk about the Gospel through this gift.

*  Any advice or message for future Catalyst members?
If you have any artistic or creative gift, remember, it’s a gift. It’s not something that is yours, God gave you this. As Christians, our duty and our honour is to give back to Him. So work on it, study to be good at it, but always set your mind on the first goal: to glorify God.

Thank you Nicola for your strong words of encouragement, we will certainly endeavour to glorify our Lord and live as He intends.



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