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Life at Ash! A Project from Lydie and Anita


Deborah Volunteer

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Morning friends, time to share with you another project from graduation June 2019. This time we have the work of Lydie (France) and Anita (Austria), who were with us for 9 months.

  • Which Catalyst stream were you a part of?

We were both part of the creative ministry steam

  • What did you learn from your experience on Catalyst?

Lydie – I learned so many things in my stream, especially that God is such a creative person. And also, to continue to dream, to have big dreams with God. Because He has greats projects for us.

Anita – The main 3 things I´ve learned in my stream are – to be open to new things and to give them a try, that you can worship God in different ways, for example through your art and if you use your time well, many great projects can arise.

  • What was your final graduation piece about?

Lydie – Our final graduation piece was about Ash Life. We really want to do a funny video about our life in Ash, and also, we really want to thank all the team in Ashburnham Place.

Anita – Together with my good friend Lydie we created a Video. It should show the people our daily life in an entertaining and fun way.

  • What are you doing now?

Lydie – I’m a photographer and a blogger ( so I just continue my own business.

Anita – For the transition I´m currently working in a health resort as a waitress and I’m curious what will come next.

  • Any advice or message for future Catalyst members?

Lydie – The time is flying in Ashburnham Place so enjoy every moment and do everything you can do, in your team, in your stream. There are so many projects in Ash so you can do a lot of things and you have a very short time there so do it and enjoy.

Anita – Yes, I would say use your time well and do as much projects with your friends or even alone as possible. Because it is a lot of fun and you will have great memories for your time after Ash.

Thank you, girls, for sharing with us. We wish you both well and miss you.




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