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In the Forest! An Insight to the Adventure in Creation Catalsyt Stream


Deborah Volunteer

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I’m pleased to share with you a video made by Christopher from Germany, he graduated from the Catalyst volunteer programme in June 2019.

*  Which Catalyst stream were you a part of?
I was part of the Adventure in Creation Stream.

*  What did you learn from your experience on Catalyst?
The catalyst program showed me another view on God’s creation and on the many different ways that we have to experience and worship God in His creation. It was really good to experience all these things first hand in the amazing grounds of Ashburnham Place. I liked especially to spend time in nature to pray, read the Bible or worship God.

*  What was your final graduation piece about?
I made a video in which I tried to show as many different things as possible that we did during the catalyst Programme.

*  What are you doing now?
Right now I’m in Colombia visiting my girlfriend, that I met there.

*  Any advice or message for future Catalyst members?
Seek God, because Ashburnham Place is an amazing place to seek Him and get to know Him better. Also, try to spend a lot of time together with other volunteers, because it’s an amazing place to make friends from all around the world.

Many thanks Chris, this is a great insight to the kind of things that our volunteers will get up to as part of their training sessions on the Catalyst programme. A lot of fun and learning to be had for sure!



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