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His creation proclaims His glory! A Project from Isabella & Denis


Deborah Volunteer

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This week we hear from Isabella from Brazil, she made her final Catalyst graduation project with Denis from Italy. They both left here in December 2018 after a years volunteering.
  • Which stream where you part of?
I was a part of Adventure in Creation. I guess before this program, I had never paid much attention to nature and its incredible details! Now I’m living in one of the biggest cities in the world and I don’t get to have a lot of time in God’s Creation, it is truly one of the thing I miss the most about Ashburnham Place…
  • What did you learn from your experience on Catalyst?
In my time there, I learned how to look after God’s creation and how fragile, and at the same time powerful, it is. I felt such a strong connection with God when I was praying in the woods. And I know for a fact that His creation proclaims His glory! And that was what we wanted to talk about in our video. We wanted to show others that nature speaks for itself!
  • What was your final graduation piece about?
Our goal was to listen to people that weren’t necessarily Christians, how they felt when they were in nature and in the Ash Community. For that, we chose to interview the guys from a fantastic program in Ashburnham Place, the Employabilty Programme run by Anna and Nick Heasman. I learned a lot from them and hope to meet them again!
  • What are you doing now?
Right now I’m back in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I study Communications and also work as an intern in the Creative Services department of an American company.
  • Any advice or message for future Catalyst members?
If I could say one thing to all of the volunteers, that would be: enjoy the little things and take advantage of every moment possible. I know it can feel like you have all the time in the world, but the truth is you don’t… it goes by so fast and next thing you know you’re back in your country, sitting behind an office desk, writing about your Catalyst project. So, make this time precious, because it is.

Thank so much Isabella, we wish you all the best in your studies and future. This is a wonderful video that you and Denis made, it gives a great insight to the important work being done in the kitchen garden as part of the Employability Project.  Helping those who have been long-term unemployed gain new skills and increase in confidence is an amazing gift.



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