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Debora and Noemi create an Eco House Project


Deborah Volunteer

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Today I’m happy to share with you a short interview with Debora from Italy. She left here in January this year and had created a really interesting Catalyst graduation project, along with Noemi from France.

Have a watch of Noemi and Debora presenting their project on graduation night, and also as they made their eco house model –

  • Which Catalyst stream were you a part of?

I was part of the Adventure in Creation Catalyst stream.

  • What did you learn from your experience on Catalyst?

We learned many things during the lessons but especially during the excursions outdoors. Above all, I learned 3 fundamental things: respect the environment, in small and big things, love God, praise Him and thank Him in all, and in the midst of nature, learn to know nature in all its aspects.

I collected some sentences written in my notes during the Catalyst sessions:

  • We have learned that beauty is loving God, other people, ourselves and nature in balance one with the other.
  • We learn how to feel our senses – sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste in nature, in particular on the earth, beneath our feet.
  • We learn what is the earth art: making structures in the landscape using natural materials.
  • We learn to think of God the Creator as a loving parent rather than a divine engineer.
  • We learn how to treat the earth as if our life depends on it.
  • What was your final graduation piece about?

Our project consisted to try to build a house with only natural materials (wood, straw, clay and some sand) that will return to the earth once the house is demolished, demonstrating that it’s important not to use materials that cannot be recycled and are harmful to the environment. So how much is it important for Christian people to protect the environment and use natural materials that can be recycled, in order to live in harmony with nature?

Our project is to try to create a home that is healthy for man and nature, protects the environment and leaves human resources for future generations. Other positive aspects are the low price and short terms for construction.

We placed a rock at the base of the house in reference to the bible (Isaiah 28:16) and to symbolize the stone as God, because He represents stability, security and firmness. He is our cornerstone, a foundation in which to build our house.

We created this house to give importance to use the materials that God has made available to us in a correct way and not to create useless waste. If we respect the gifts that God has given us, we respect Him.

  • What are you doing now?

I’m preparing my curriculum vitae as a geologist to be able to apply to a company, I still don’t know where (I have found opportunities in Switzerland). I’m studying English and preparing my departure for America: I will stay at my American relatives’ house and I will attend a school in Chicago in order to obtain a certificate attesting my level of English.

  • Any advice or message for future Catalyst members?

To take advantage of every moment there, with people or alone with God, to have fun with others or relax in the presence of the Lord. Do not give up in difficult moments, but share and pray together. Live Ash in all its aspects, always with God.


Many thanks Debora for sharing with us what you learnt during your time here on the Catalyst programme. You were a diligent member of our team and we appreciate your input. God bless you.



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