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Dance, my way to Worship God! Project from Cynthia


Deborah Volunteer

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I’m very pleased to show you this Catalyst graduation project from Cynthia, from Madagascar. She was part of the Creative Worship Catalyst stream.
  • What did you learn during your time on the Catalyst programme?
I learnt a lot of thing, I learnt how amazing is God to give us the way that we can create something, such as painting, singing…
As I like dancing, in this stream I learnt and I realised that dance is one of the ways we can worship God.
  • What was your final graduation project about?
My final graduation project was Dancing with my friends, it was really amazing to do it, and I thank God and all the community for that because I could not have done it without them.
  • What are you doing, now you’re home?
Now, I am helping my family and I create my new project as a choreographer.
  • What would you say to future Catalyst volunteers?
I encourage the future Catalyst member to enjoy and have fun during the moments that you are there, because it is really important that you can learn and improve your creative gifts by God. This Catalyst programme will help you as well, to know more about your identity and to make you more confident.
God bless you all.
Many thanks Cynthia, I can’t fail to smile when I watch you dance. I used to love seeing the joy on the faces of all the people who joined in with your dance classes,

Image Credit: Michelle Pannell



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