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Caring for God’s Creation, a Final Project from Camila


Deborah Volunteer

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This week I am pleased to share with you a wonderful graduation project from Camila, who comes from Gran Canaria, she was here for 6/7 months in late 2018.

  • Which Catalyst stream were you a part of?
I was part of the Catalyst Adventure in Creation.


  • What did you learn from your experience on Catalyst?
In Catalyst I learned to take more care of nature and God’s creation, I learned to listen to God through nature.


  • What was your final graduation piece about?
My project is about the classification of the different plants and trees found in Ashburnham Place, I was inspired by different biblical verses that talk about the caring and importance of nature.


  • What are you doing now?
Now I am working in my country and I am also trying to open my own business. I would like to have my own fashion shop and it would be great if it’ll be opened by spring 2020.


  • Any advice or message for future Catalyst members?
My advice is to enjoy the experience in Ash as much as possible, make many friends and have as much fun as you can.


Thank you Camila, we wish you all the best with your plans.




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