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A Touching and Spectacular Acapella Performance from Sári


Deborah Volunteer

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Morning friends. I am delighted to share with you probably my favourite graduation project ever (well, so far!) This week I introduce you to Sári, from Hungary who stayed with us for around eleven months in 2019.

  • Which stream of the Catalyst volunteer programme where you on?

I was part of the Creative ministry stream.

  • What did you learn during your time on Catalyst?

I could experience that freedom and creativity in God and in the relationship with God that I had just heard about before.

  • What was your graduation piece about?

My final graduation piece was a Hungarian folk song, that I sang acapella. I was singing about leaving a country and friends and being at a distance. I chose this song because I had felt I had confirmation that my language with God is to sing. I felt that if I sing to Him, He can help me to take the hard steps. Also, I love my culture, our traditions and country, so I wanted to show and share to my friends a little treasure of the Hungarian big folk songs collection that we have.

  • What are you doing now?

I’m going home to my country and I will try to find a job. I will give a new chance to serve my passion with the music.

  • What is your advice for future volunteers?

I can just give a simple but honest advice, to spend time in Ash and to enjoy the Catalyst programme in a proper way. This is an amazing and edifying experience. I came from a Christian surrounding, and also with Christian family background, but to experience another type of colourful Christianity is unforgettable.

It doesn’t mean that all of us are holy who live here. We are struggling with our own challenges, pasts and fears, but to open our hearts and minds to experience new ways to meet with God, this is what the Catalyst streams mean.

So, my advice is to not be shy; to show and share your creativity, your thoughts, your plans, because these are what are building the Creative Ministry Stream.

Video Credit: Michelle Pannell

Thank you Sári, we know God will be leading you to the right place to share your beautiful smile, charming personality and God-given gifts.



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