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A Powerful Drama/ Dance from Kseniya & Sung Min


Deborah Volunteer

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The graduation project I have to share with you today is a real treat. Sung Min from South Korea and Kseniya from Kazakhstan came together, and with the help of many of their friends they performed a very powerful piece of drama/ dance.

Have a watch and enjoy –

Video Credit: Michelle Pannell

* What stream of the Catalyst volunteer programme where you a part of?
We were both a part of the Adventure in Creation stream

* What did you learn during your time on the Catalyst programme?
Sung Min – I could learn from this stream that we can hear and know what God wants to show us by nature. when you listen to a sound of nature and feel it, it gives you peace and the voice of God. Also praying in the middle of the nature really helped me to know God.

Kseniya – I was really happy that I choose the Adventure in Creation stream because I love everything that has a connection with nature. I tried not to miss the meetings that we had (once a week) because those meetings all had a connection with each other. For example, in the first week we learned information about the garden, in the second week we went to the garden and planted some plants, in the third week we checked and cared for our plants. I want to note that we were taught not only about the garden, but also about lots of other subjects too. Some sessions were about keeping the world, mental health and nature and we even camped a few times.

* Tell us about your final graduation project.
Sung Min – My final graduation project was about God and creation. In the beginning God created creatures and humans, and later because of sin humans fell down. But because of Jesus, we could wash our sins and be pure. I showed this by dance and drama. (I was Satan).

Kseniya – We did our graduation project because we wanted to show why we believe what we believe, and tred to remind people what God and Jesus did for us, through a creative way. It was a drama/dance as you can see in the video.

* What are you doing now?
Sung Min – Now I am going back to Korea and I will try to find a job that God wants to show me. And after Ash, Y realized that I am interested in languages, so I would like to try to find a job in Europe.

* Any advice or message for future volunteers?
Sung Min – Have fun and enjoy all moments in Ash!

Kseniya – Be ready to work, be open to the other people and make friends, use all the opportunities that you will have in Ash because you are so lucky that you are there!

Thank you to you both, we were very lucky to have you both with us for a year and we wish you all the best in your futures.



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