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The Beauty of God’s Creation, a project from Kiki & Sarah


Deborah Volunteer

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Kiki (from Czech Republic) and Sarah (Switzerland) decided to come together to make their final project for their Catalyst graduation in June 2019. Here we hear from both of the girls –

*  Which catalyst stream were you a part of?
We were both part of the creative ministry stream.

*  What did you learn from your time as a volunteer on the catalyst training programme?
Kiki: I learnt that creativity doesn‘t have a limit and I can be creative even though I am not a professional artist.

Sarah: I’ve learnt so many different things from the catalyst sessions. First of all, how I can help to spread the kingdom of God, using my creative gifts. Furthermore I was able to improve my relationship with our Creator and I have realised how important it is to see our reality through God‘s perspective. When He gives us His perspective, things and people look completely different.

*  What was your final graduation piece about?
Our main goal was to show the beauty of God‘s creation and to try to make the people believe that they are perfectly made in His eyes!

We asked some people from the Ashburnham Place community to be in front of the camera, just for one photo. We told them that the reason we would like to take a picture of them is: because they are beautiful! What they didn’t know, is that we were secretly recording their reaction on being called beautiful. In the end we created a video with all the different reactions.

*  What are you doing now?
Kiki: I am studying biology at university.
Sarah: currently I am studying to become a teacher for secondary school.

*  Any advice for future catalyst members?
Kiki: You will have an amazing opportunity to meet God and to get to know yourself better. Don‘t miss it!

Sarah: Make the most out of your time in Ash and as well, out of the catalyst sessions. Take your time, maybe write after the catalyst sessions, so you can go over your notes again and to have some time with God! This place will be such a blessing for your life and it is a huge chance to get closer to God and to make new friends! In general, just be open for new cultures and things you don‘t know yet.

Thank you Kiki and Sarah, we miss you girls in the Orangery, making us great coffee! God bless you both.



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