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The Catalyst timetable will include field training in the following areas: Serving in a team, teaching sessions, social action placements, community application, connect groups, mission trips and fundraising.

Practical work in the teams of Ashburnham will be 32 hours per week with teaching and meeting times throughout. Teaching time is usually 4:30 – 6:30 pm on your stream day.

If you’re wondering what the typical week might look like, below is an example timetable of a week based on a member of Maintenance Team.

Please note the timetable below is shown as an example only. Weekly schedules and times will vary depending on rotas and the team you are placed in. Learn more about the teams in the sidebar to the right.

If you come to Ashburnham Place on a Tier 5 Charity VISA, according to British Border Agency Regulations, you are only permitted to work in our Hospitality Team.

Practical fieldwork training and teaching within a vibrant community.


More info about our teams

Food Preparation Team

 This team is responsible for assisting fully trained chefs in the kitchen to prepare and cook the meals for guests and the whole community. You will have the opportunity to learn the basics of food hygiene, cooking, baking and food preparation.

Guest Service

This team is responsible for serving the food to the guests, making sure that guests have all they need during meal times and coffee breaks and also for clearing away, cleaning the dining rooms after meals have finished and preparing the dining room for the next group of guests / the community.

Guest Care / House

This team is responsible for making sure that the conference rooms are kept clean, tidy and to a high standard. You will learn the basics of housekeeping, laundry, preparing conference rooms and enabling guests to feel cared for and rested.

Orangery Tearoom

The Orangery is Ashburnham Place’s own cafe, where guests come and go in large numbers to enjoy high quality tea, coffee and cakes. It is named for what it used to be; a greenhouse where oranges were able to grow. Now it has been transformed into a beautiful place for all  to relax with a drink and some friends.


The Maintenance Team ensures that Ashburnham Place is kept in one piece. They fix things that are broken or improve them. If anything breaks, they are there to make sure it is fixed as quickly as possible. They are also responsible for painting and decorating the buildings.

Grounds and Gardens

The Grounds and Gardens team spend most of their time outdoors, taking care of the 220 acres of land that belong to Ashburnham Place. They make sure our grounds remain beautiful and also deal with all of the rubbish and recycling.