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Life Theology will equip trainees with brilliant study skills and deeper understanding of Theology and Apologetics, enabling them to face the questions and challenges of life with confidence and faith.

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The Life Theology Stream will equip graduates with deep and thorough understanding of the good news.  Areas covered through the curriculum will include church history, missiology, ecclesiology, leadership, kenarchy and pneumatology.  Crucially, the curriculum will demand application of learning into practical service of others, this will be expressed through the service of guests, those locally in need and on mission trips.  As well as academic skills being honed, there will be an emphasis on hearing and following the Holy Spirit in the learning process.

Trainees will spend time studying individually and in small groups, making good use of the on-site library.  graduates will also gain experience in teaching and preaching; primarily within the Ashburnham Place community.  

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    • Westminster Theological Centre
    • London School Theology
    • Ashburnham Kingdom Theology Dig
    • Christen Forster MTC Europe

Face the questions and challenges of life with confidence and faith.

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