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Trainees will need to complete a full academic year of training to gain the full Catalyst Graduate Certification. The course will take place throughout the year and our intake will be staggered.

There will be three terms – and each trainee has the opportunity to begin their year training at the start of any one of the terms:

We offer a whole year course or a Summer School (June to Sep) Please. Check the website for official start dates.

To apply choose a stream you will need to be between 18 – 27 (Contact us if you are older than 27) you will also need to choose a stream for your first term.

Living Theology, Creative Ministry or Adventure In Creation

The application will take only 15 minutes to complete. To start enter your email address and choose a password below. To complete the application you will need.

  • Your passport
  • A good photograph
  • Names and email of two references

Course Start Dates

June Summer School

Programme Fees: Free*
*You will be required to raise travel money for CATALYST GO!!